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One of the most attractive aspects of hot air ballooning is the exceptional quiet. It is totally quiet up there except for the propane burners firing out. The lack of movement and the bird's eye view are enthralling. Since the hot air balloon moves with the wind, the passenger will feel no air when they are riding the balloon. If you like the sound of this, and the idea of hot air ballooning appeals to you, then why not get in touch with our Hot Air Ballooning experts and arrange a flight.

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Welcome to the Hot Air Ballooning website! sunshine

Welcome to the Hot Air Ballooning website. We are here to answer all of your frequently asked questions about hot air ballooning. Most hot air balloon launches occur during the cooler hours of the day, such as at dawn, two to three hours before sunrise. At these times winds are typically light, making for an easier launch and landing. Flying at times like this can also avoid thermals, the vertical air currents that are caused by the ground heating, which make it harder to control the balloon. The downdrafts associated with strong thermals can stop the balloon from climbing, a d force it down to the ground.

In order set up a hot air balloon flight, the pilot needs to check the weather and look for a suitable take off point. They must ensure there is good visibility and sufficiently slow winds to enable take-off and landing. They then have to unpack the balloon, lay it out on the ground and connect it to the basket as well as burner. A powered gasoline fan is used to blow cold air and inflated the balloon. Once the balloon is upright, the pilot and the passengers climb up into the basket. More heat will then be directed into the envelope and the balloon will lift off. Steering the balloon is performed by climbing or descending into the wind's current. This is why it is essential to determine where the wind is blowing and at what altitudes prior to the flight. If you are interested in Hot Air Ballooning, feel free to contact us.



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